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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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trying to get your hands on one today. there were some crazy temps. >> yes. it was hot. today will be a little better for some. although inland it will still be in the 80s and 90s. there are signs of a westerly or north westerly breeze at least along the coast. there was huge differences even in san francisco. a little more uniform on the temps today i do believe. starting off with 50s and 60s. higher clouds from yesterday. most of those are long gone but made for some beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures. 50s and 60s. 66 livermore. 52 half-moon bay.
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51 santa rosa. there are some cooler locations. north at novato. south at fairfield. a little northwest at oakland. there is a little more northwest. so there are some signs a little cooler by the coast. even though the fog is not there yet. sunshine warm to hot. a little cooler there. 90s inland. 70s and 80s for others. it's 6:01 sal. >> it is. >> what do you have for us? >> we do have a little slow traffic out there. people getting on the road early. we are going to find a little bit of crowding but it's not as bad as it would be on a wednesday. let's take a look at what we have. we are going to start off in the east bay here. you can see traffic is backed up for a 20-25 minute delay before you make it on to the span. we are looking at a commute where traffic is moving along okay. 880 doesn't look bad. and this is now a look at the south bay maps. northbound 101 is the only
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thing we see. northbound 101 slowing between 280 and 13th street exit. but other than that 85 and 280 are looking good. into the west valley. 6:02 let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. this morning san jose police are investigating another officer involved shooting. it's the ninth of the year in san jose. ktvu fox 2 janine de la vega is joining us live. you're at police headquarters. tell us what you know about the investigation. >> reporter: dave, we're still waiting to hear how many officers were actually involved in this shooting. we know that investigators are interviewing the officers involved as well as witnesses to get some of those answers. this shooting unfolded at monterey road near highway 101 and 85 interchange. officers were called there at 6:30 last night to do a welfare check. they found the man whom they are calling a suspect and made contact with him. police are not releasing
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details about the exchange but we are told an officer fired and the suspect suffered at least one gunshot wound. we are told he is in stable condition. investigators have spent the night gathering evidence that should hopefully shed some light on this. there is still a lot of questions that need to be answered. did the suspect have a weapon? was he wanted for anything? was he under the influence or have any mental health issues. we're waiting outside headquarters for an update and we'll bring you that as soon as we get that. dave. >> janine de la vega, thank you. also a san jose police officer charged with raping a woman while he was on duty has reportedly been fired. the mercury news says jeffrey graves was fired this week. now he's accused of raping a woman who called police for help in 2013 after a domestic dispute with her husband. now graves who is 40 years old he's been in jail and on paid administrative leave since march. if convicted, he faces possibly
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53 years in prison or more. dramatic scene in vallejo where two people raced into a home to save a man. brian flores has more on why the city hopes to find these heros. >> amazing act of bravery here. what the sources are telling ktvu they hope to find the person who rescued that man to simply thank him. >> how did you get pulled out of the house? that was michael macinspire oak planing how he was able to be rescued from a burning home. he was a double amputee. two men pulled him out of the house in vallejo. we are told one of the men was a city employee. the other was described as a male civilian. the two alarm fire broke out at 4:15 yesterday afternoon. the home that burned was a multistory victorian home. the two men rescued also another man inside the home. that man being treated for second and third degree burns.
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the cause of the fire remains under investigation but again they are looking for the men who rescued the people inside the burning home. we posted the story on our facebook page. if you saw or heard anything, we encourage you to post it. >> thank you. more victims of the valley fire are being allowed to head home. last night an evacuation order was lifted for the community of spring. it has a population of 400 people. containment up to 87%. it did burn 76,000 acres. representable contractors were there to discuss how to
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rebuild. >> listen, wait, and do it in the proper order. don't hurry it. i've seen some people cleaning lots already with dust clouds and dust plumes. that is not going to help anything. >> now it's time to go to work. time to rebuild. get her done. that's what this town is all about. >> a sign that the area is trying to get back to normal is that middletown schools will reopen on monday. there will be a portable classroom on middle school campus for some students from cob. now satellite images from nasa show the magnitude of the devastation left behind by the fires. these two images were taken by infra red cameras on nasa is the lite. they highlight the burn areas in dark red and orange. buildings are white. unburned forest are gray color. within the first 48 hours it burned an area twice as large as manhattan. a group of san francisco firefighters accused the city's
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fire chief of not doing enough to help battle the valley fire. last night the rank and file appeared at a fire commission meeting. some say they were embarrassed. the city only sent one fire rig to lake county. the firefighters wanted to send five of them. >> it was really, really heartbreaking to be told to stand down and do nothing and sitting in a community where san mateo and other agencies are literally driving through our town to go help out. >> we are seismicically vulnerable. we have a heavy call volume in this city and i was not willing to take that chance. >> fire chief joann hayes white says she kept mandatory staffing levels in the city as required by proposition f to protect san francisco in case of emergencies. but she did add that since july, 91 firefighters have been on deployments in california including six fire rigs to the butte fire.
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both the fire chief and the critics agree repeated budget cut backs depleted the firefighters resource. federal help is coming to victims of the butte fire in calveras county now that president obama issued a disaster declaration. it only covers calveras county because all but one of the 475 homes that burned were in that county. one was in amador county. the office of emergency services has set up an operation center in san andreas. not even had fire insurance including this couple. >> we'll be okay but there are others that won't. i can't imagine. now it is 91% contained. at least two people died in that fire. uc berkeley police are looking for two men suspected of sexually assaulting a woman on campus. the woman says she was hanging out with the two men wednesday
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night. they offered to walk her home but when they entered the campus, police say the men attacked her. the woman reportedly knew one of the suspects prior to the attack. one of the men is described as latino or white between 23 and 29 years old. he has dark eyes, collar length curly brown hair and wearing a baseball hat and yellow top and red pants at the time. the other suspect is described in his 30s. he was wearing all black and carrying a backpack. spark charter school in sunnyvale could reopen today. they determined that the school had failed to complete background checks for all of its employees. the county started looking into the issue after a campus aid was accused of moll lesting a student. the office of education wrote a letter to the schools president last night that said is as of today, all current employees have the clearances and credentials necessary to reopen.
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still ahead it's the highly anticipated release of the new iphone. >> also next a live report from new york city where the pope's visit is continuing right now. the important people he is expected to talk to head. one day after making history in washington, d.c.. >> we're looking at traffic that is heading to marin and right now it looks good on the richmond san rafael bridge approach all the way to san rafael. >> still going to be warm to hot inland but there are a few signs of a little cooler by the coast. female announcer: sleep train's best rest event
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 6:13. live pictures on the lawn of the white house. president obama and the president of china here. the president and the first lady welcoming the president of china. the welcome ceremony includes a 21 gun salute that is followed by talks inside the oval office and a joint news conference as well as a black tie state dinner later. >> u.s. and chinese officials hope to launch the summit on a positive note by showcasing at least one area of cooperation. the global fight against climate change when they do announce a deal to build on a landmark auction agreement. that is all but certain to be over shadowed by major points of disagreement that under
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score a growing rivalry between the worlds two biggest economic powers. certain talk about cyber security. but again we are looking live at the white house and i just wanted to bring that to you. it will be a very interesting meeting. we'll be covering it all morning long. in just a couple hours from right now, the newest iphone will be in bay area stores. now in palo alto people are already lined up outside the apple store on university avenue. some of them sitting in chairs and on the sidewalk waiting to get the new iphone 6s and the s plus. now the phones signature new feature is called 3d touch. it can recognize pressure. also apple has added a new color. you can get the phone in rose gold. remember tori campbell of a -- remember tim cook of apple visited this store. well the store will open at
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8:00 this morning. we're out there and so are they. we will keep you posted. >> yes, we will. right now we want to keep you posted on traffic. that is friday morning 6:15. this can be a busy time. are we starting with the traffic jam soon? >> yeah we are doing traffic jams in a few moments. >> we look forward to that. >> it's friday. you know one of the things i want to ask the two of you is, what kind of people are the people who have to stand in line for new phones? >> i always wonder about the time they have available to them. [ laughter ] speaking of time get out on the road now. get ahead of everybody. let's take a look at what we have now. let's start off with a look at the 24 commute westbound. if you are driving through, right now is a good time to do it. you might save yourself some time. either that or you could stick with us for the entire morning and go to work after 9:00. you could go to work after 10:00. some people are laughing right now. right now it looks okay.
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bay bridge toll plaza it's backed out to the mccarthur maze. about a 20-25 minute delay as you wait there. we're looking at the peninsula as well. there are no major problems on highway 84. we are looking in san francisco. northbound 101 traffic looks okay as you drive up to the candle stick park area. no more candle stick park of course. it looks good all the way up to the 80 split. 6:16 now. let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you, sir. mostly clear out there. we had a lot of high clouds yesterday morning. that really held the temps up and it rocketed up as well. a few high clouds. nothing compared to what we had yesterday. but the pictures came pouring in. thank you for that. for the sunrise and the sunset. there is a little breeze over by the coast. you can see some of those higher clouds again. they are favoring areas toward santa cruz and monterey. far cry from what we had yesterday. 50s and 60s. 51 santa rosa.
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52 half-moon bay yet 60s for others. 5656 to 51. sebastopol is 51. 57-59 angwin. any breeze? not a delta breeze yet. there is a breeze on parts of the coast. 47 arcadia. no fog yet. a little bit on the mendocino coast. system will move into the north. that will help to turn the wind more on shore as we head toward later today for the coast than for everyone over the weekend. sunshine warm to hot. patchy coast or fog. 70s and 80s over by the coast and in the city and 90s to the interior. tomorrow we take a little drop on those temps and continue that sunday. next week monday, tuesday. >> yeah. >> cooler. >> cooler. okay. we can make it through the weekend.
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>> it will be cooler on the weekend. >> okay good. just about an hour from right now pope francis will speak directly to world leaders. our reporter caroline is in new york city to tell us about a busy day ahead for the pope. >> reporter: good morning to you pam and dave. incredibly busy day for the pope on this day when the big apple is rolling out the red carpet. >> you get a sense of unity. it's amazing. he truly is the people's pope. >> reporter: thousands of people lined the streets of manhattan thursday as the pope arrives for a whirlwind 48 hour visit to the nation's largest city. >> this time coincides with such a historic opportunity that all the leaders of the world are gathering to discuss about our future. >> reporter: afterwards his holiness will take part in a service at the 9/11 memorial,
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followed by a procession through central park, and a mass at madison square guard. catholics in the area thrilled about the chance to see him. >> we love everything he stands for and the way he makes people feel and the way he makes us feel. >> >> i would encourage you to keep in mind all those people around us who are stuck in a cycle of poverty. >> reporter: tomorrow pope francis heads to philadelphia where he will be talking to the people that are gathered there for the meeting about families. pam and dave back to you. >> caroline, thank you. it is 6:19 right now. we want to show you the pope's schedule in new york today. he is going to address the united nations general assembly about 8:30 he will visit the 9/11 memorial in lower
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manhattan and talk to first responders and relatives of the victims from 9/11. later today he will lead a procession through central park where 80,000 people will attend and this evening a huge mass at madison square garden. the pope leaves new york. >> our coverage will continue online and if you want two see the pope's entire speech at the white house and on capitol hill we have posted it on our youtube channel. the main contractor behind the bay bridge construction learning the date of what is going to happen. how much money they have to dish out for not making the bridge earthquake safe. >> it hasn't made an appearance for more than 30 years. we'll tell you when you can catch a glimpse of the super moon. when mornings on 2 continues.
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alicia keys. did i have to tell you that? no, probably not. the theme for today is fall songs.
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they have to have the word fall or falling or some derivative there of. so that was for sheila gibb son and other -- for sheila gibson and other people too. if there is a request you want to play. i will play your request every friday morning. >> falling in love with that theme, sal. caltrans wants the main contractor the one in charge of building the new eastern span of the bay bridge to be hit with an $11 million fine. steel rods that are supposed to stabilize the bridge in case of an earthquake. the other part has to deal with flooding at the base. it will cost as much as $25 million to fix it and money from tolls may be used to fix it. that bridge is still considered safe. today california regulators will vote on whether to require
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a 10% cut in carbon emissions on transportation fuels sold in california by the year 2020. now this would be a first in the nation climate change program. the oil industry they don't like it. they say this could drive up gas prices. but environmentalists say it's one of the most important actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the california air resources board estimates the economic impact to drivers would be a few cents per gallon. come sunday you may be able to look up in the sky and see something that has not happened in 40 years. a super moon will combine with a lunar eclipse. if you plan to catch the super moon eclipse in the bay area, it starts at 9:07 and lasts a little more than an hour. for more information you can head to our website at steve has a lot of information about it as well. new images of pluto show its surface has a texture
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reminiscent of snake skin. nasa released these pictures captured by the new horizon spacecraft. a mountain range on pluto has jagged ridge line creating what scientists believe is a snake skin like appearance. another high resolution image shows colors ranging from brown to white and shades between. new horizons is the first spacecraft to get close enough to take images like this of pluto. as we have been reporting, it may get to have its status of a planet again. time is 6:26. coming up another whale found dead here in the bay area. we'll tell you what is happening out there today. that is next. >> plus there is growing concern over coyotes in san francisco. the number of sightings is up and we're going to tell you where a small dog was apparently attacked by a coyote just yesterday.
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>> we have traffic that is going to be just okay on this fall day. first fall friday of 2015. heading to the tunnel. not bad. >> for some of you this heat means you are falling to pieces but we do have a beautiful sunrise on this friday and a cooler forecast coming up.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2.
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we are live at the white house. president obama with the president of china on the lawn of the white house. the president of china preparing to speak. [speaking in foreign language] >> now the president of china obviously speaking in chinese. he will be speaking there for awhile. the welcome ceremony included a 21 gun salute. they will be meeting the president -- president obama and the president of china will be meeting in the oval office and a black tie state dinner will take place later today. >> the summit will showcase one area of cooperation which is the global fight against climate change. we heard the pope mention that as well. when they announce a deal to build on this landmark emissions agreement that was struck last year, that is one
6:31 am
thing, but also certain to be over shadowed by major points of disagreement that under score a growing rivalry between the u.s. and china. there is a number of issues they are talking about as well and might come up. one of which is cyber security. that has definitely been one of the talking points. >> obviously a huge meeting. >> definitely. we are keeping an eye on this in our newsroom and we'll bring you updates throughout the morning. good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. it's 6:31. and don't worry it is going to get cooler but not for a day or two maybe. >> a little bit. more on the lunar eclipse. about 6:00 to 8:00 harvest moon, super moon. this is the close of the four super moons. this is the closest of all and then the lunar eclipse. >> which is really cool. if you didn't get to see it last time, it really looks huge. >> it was huge this morning.
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>> it was. >> the last one was 1982. super moon. was that an el nino year? i think it was. the next one won't be until 2033 when i'm in the home. [ laughter ] we have a few high clouds. nothing compared to yesterday that is for sure. boy, they were all over the place yesterday. thank you, thank you. now most of you want the cooler weather. most. our own nelson wong and others. i try to make everyone happy with the weather. it's not easy. a little bit of fog on the mendocino coast. 50s and 60s on your temps. running a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. because we have lost most of the high clouds. we had a lot more yesterday. no breeze yet. no breeze yet. the delta breeze is not there. it will still be warm to hot inland. a little cooler by the coast and a lot cooler as we head into the weekend. patchy coast fog to the north.
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70s and 80s for others. we do have a little bit of slow traffic, steve. people are getting out. this is the heart of the commute out there. i want to start off with the maccarthur maze and the drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze is a little longer. we're also looking at the contra costa commute. highway 4 is slow through all of pittsburg and bay point. we are getting a little bit of a break. at least for now on this friday. 6:33 let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. it's a big day for apple fans. the latest versions of the iphone going on sale. analysts are predicting record sales. christien kafton is in san francisco where people have
6:34 am
been lining up. they seem to be pretty excited christien. >> reporter: yeah this is the phone everyone is waiting for. this is the iphone 6s plus. there is chip in the camera. one of the big features that folks have been looking forward to is this force touch. when you press certain photos you will see a short video clip there that is included. the way you access that is by pressing down on the screen. let's show you that line in san francisco at the apple store. people out there waiting for days. the first guy showed up there on wednesday. 100 people or more possibly in line getting ready for that new phone. the big item a lot of people want is that rose gold. [ technical difficulties ] >> oh dear we lost christien for a moment there. >> doing a technical story and
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we have a technical problem. >> he is showing us the line of people who have been camping out. they have been camping out. it goes all the way down the line there. and everybody you know pretty excited. and we showed china and australia they already have their hands on the phone. this is inside the san francisco store. they are getting ready for everybody and the new phones. we will check in with christien in a little bit. time is 6:35. meantime in other news san francisco has a serious coyote problem. there have been several coyote sightings and pet attacks on the rise. last night a dog was attacked in a park. ktvu fox 2 alex savidge is joining us live. you're in stern grove. what happened out there? >> reporter: dave, good morning to you. it happened during an afternoon stroll here in stern grove. and the owners of the small dog that was apparently kill red simply stunned by what took place here. we talked to a woman and her husband and they were walking
6:36 am
their dog buster when all of a sudden the dog heard a noise and he ran off into the the frees. the owners say they heard a squeal and spotted a coyote with that seven pound dog in its south. the coyote ran off still clutching the dog. the owners chased after him but in the end they could not find buster. this is not the first time something like this has happened here. there was an another dog attacked in stern grove. in that case a two-year-old basion is recovering from injuries after a pack of coyotes surrounded him. the coyote population has exploded in san francisco in recent years as more of the canines migrate from the suburbs to the city. in the nearby engel side terrace neighborhood not far
6:37 am
away from here, neighbors they have called police in help with dealing with the coyotes that have cropped up in the neighborhood there. the animals have apparently killed at least three cats recently in that part of the city. experts say the best way to reduce the threat is keep your dogs on the leash especially the small dogs and keep your pets indoors. >> alex savidge live in stern grove in san francisco. thank you. meantime tests are being conducted this morning on the carcass of a young gray whale. it was found dead in san francisco bay. the second dead whale to have turned up inside the bay. this one washed up more than 30 miles south of the golden gate in fremont. marine experts say it probably drifted there. >> they will normally die of natural causes because of these strong winds and currents bringing their bodies closer to shore, we finding them more
6:38 am
often. >> it may be a couple days before we know the exact cause of death. water officials are preparing for the worse case scenario at folsom lake if the drought continues. the federal bureau of reclamation is installing a floating water pump. hundreds of thousands of people in the area depend on that lake for their water supply. the fspuc announced a drought success today. their customers exceeded the water goal. now the original goal to save just a little bit more than 11 billion by january mayor ed lee thanks san franciscans for embracing san francisco as way of life. alameda, santa clara, san mateo and san francisco. there is a warning for
6:39 am
parents in contra costa county. if you keep your kids home from school over and over again, you may be hauled off to truancy court. contra costa county districts attorneys office calls truancy a bigoses termic problem. they will be going avenue parents that kids are sick 10% of the time but they are not sick. >> we will have resources, community resources and representatives from a variety of different organizations in the courtroom who will then connect with those families and address thosish use with the family. >> now if the attendance doesn't get any better, the parents could face fines between $100 and $500. if attendance does improve, the infraction would be erased. a library was closed after bedbugs were discovered. they were discovered at the new
6:40 am
mitchell park library. they were found on the surface of two chairs. the bugs were isolated to the chairs and the chairs have been destroyed but that did not stop the city from shutting down the branch for pest control. one pest control expert we spoke to says there is no reason for people to panic. >> sot chance you getting a bedbug by coming here and reading a brook, it's not good. >> the library reopens on sunday. next week palo alto plans to have bug sniffing dogs check all of the libraries in the city just as a precaution. still ahead u.s. attorney general loretta lynch coming here to the bay area today. coming up in 20 minutes the national issue she will be addressing during her visit. >> plus a charter bus crashed into one of the duck boats for tourists. what we have learned about the victims and the final moments before that horrific crash.
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welcome back. we have breaking news to tell you about. house speaker john boehner is going to step down. banaler resign from congress, give up his house seat at the end of october. that is what we know so is far. this announcement coming in breaking news that john boehner will step down. we're going to have more information coming up at the top of our 7:00 hour. time is 6:43. new this morning a big earthquake.
6:44 am
a magnitude 6.6 quake hit off the coast of indonesia this morning. dozens of people were hurt. it was centered near the coastal town of saran. people were scared. ran out of their homes. more than 60 people were hurt. about 200 homes were damaged. no tsunami warnings were issued. we are learning the four people killed in this horrible collision between an amphibious duck boat and charter bus they were international college students. they were carrying 50 students from the international program to a new student orientation. there is no official word on what caused the crash but witnesses say the duovehicles were going in opposite -- the two vehicles were going in opposite directions when the duck boat swerved and collided with that bus. >> we were coming around the curb and he was pointing out the harbor. and next thing i know the traffic slowed down and veered out of control and hit the bus here and just spinning around. and people were being thrown
6:45 am
out of the duck. >> people on the bus threw through the front of the windshield. landed on the concrete. >> more than 50 people were treated for injuries. 15 of them are reported to be in critical condition. right now as we've been showing you president obama is hosting chinese president jinping at the white house. the welcome ceremony included a 21 gun salute. both presidents greeted people out on the white house lawn. later today the two men will meet in the oval office. now the issues they are expected to discuss will include allegations of cyber spying that, climate change and territorial disputes in the south china sea. the two will hold a news conference. we'll show you that and followed by a black tie state dinner tonight. india's prime minister will be in the country.
6:46 am
the prime minister will visit google and tesla. and on sunday morning he will join mark zuckerberg for a public q & a. they will discuss how communities can work together. after that the prime minister is scheduled to speak to thousands of people about india startups in san jose. this is the first time by the way that an indian prime minister has visited california in 30 years. new poll says it's a good time to be considered an outsider if you're a republican presidential candidate. there is a new fox news poll showing three of the top four republican candidates have never held elected office. donald trump leads with 26%. dr. ben carson is next with 18%. carly fiorina and marco rubio follow with 9%. they gave top marks to carly fiorina above all the other
6:47 am
candidates. >> of course my name might be grow as my name grows, people get to know me, they tend to support me. >> hillary clinton still leads the way with 44% of the democratic primary voters. it's a new low for the former secretary of state but it's still enough to put her ahead of bernie sanders and vice president biden. biden hasn't officially joined the race but his support has almost doubled since august. now the superintendent wants to take students who have mild or moderate special needs and integrate them into mainstream classrooms. there will still be separate classes for a much smaller group of special needs student but some of the children are not being challenged enough. >> what we want to do is put them in this environment, give
6:48 am
them the support they need to succeed. watch them thrive and watch them graduate. >> critics say putting special needs students in a mainstream classroom isn't equal and put the students at a disadvantage. the district says it did spend a year reviewing the came. a shakeup dc picked nancy as their new interim superintendent at a -- he is moving on to lead the engel wood school district in southern california. our time is 6:48. let's check in with gasia and see what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> good morning, dave and pam. we are following up on breaking news you just delivered that house speaker john boehner is resigning at the end of october. we're talking about reaction
6:49 am
and repercussions. and much closer to home we are learning the driver in this deadly crash that happened in livermore remember the car went straight into a finance center and killed one person. she had a similar incident not that long ago. what one witness told police about the driving in the past and how this is shredding light on a troubling trend nationwide. another playground staple is off limits. where students can't play tag. the reason behind the ban and what parents have to say about it and put this story up on facebook one mom is saying good grief tag, really? more on these stories when i join you in a few. >> all right gasia, thank you. >> it seems like more and more things are being banned from recess and the playgrounds, sal. a lot of schools getting rid of equipment. >> tag, pam? >> yeah. where is sal? >> sal is busy. >> here i am. it just seems like the way we grew up is not the way kids
6:50 am
today. kids today are not growing up. >> and we survived. look at us. we're here. we played tag. >> even though i did have to walk to school uphills both ways. >> in the snow in san francisco. [ laughter ] >> yeah. i grew up in san francisco it was still snowing, darn it. let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along not that bad in some areas but it is getting a lot slower. i'll tell you though where it's not that bad 580 through livermore should be a lot heavier on a normal commute but it's not. there is an accident near the sunol exit. we are catching a break here on 580 coming out to castro valley. it is slow from 238 as you drive down to the dumbarton bridge. and looking at live pictures of the toll plaza there. westbound. it's backed up from a 25-30 minute delay. if you are driving in san jose, that is slow out of downtown now.
6:51 am
at 6:50 let's go to steve. i just heard from steve you can see a little fog coming in around the coast. huge spread in weird temps in san francisco yesterday. i mean as much as 20 plus degrees for some. higher clouds we had a lot more yesterday. just a few this morning. william tweety in vallejo. i told him you're look for him. >> good amessed him. >> happy friday. vallejo currently 58 and clear. yesterday's high 95. ready for the super moon. that will be sunday. and the sunset pictures yesterday oh plenty as we say. sunset over castro valley and the high clouds there is still a few left. see right there. mainly around monterey and santa cruz. but yesterday we had a much bigger band of clouds. 50s and 60s on your temps. a little cool for some. santa rosa at 51. 63 to 60 from morgan hill to
6:52 am
gilroy. scotts valley 56 and 64 san jose. sol we're running about 1-2 degrees cooler than yesterday because we have lost most of the higher clouds. there is no breeze yet. at least not here. there is some on the coast. some fog on the mendocino coast. a little patchy fog showing up. we'll be cooler in the city but still one more hot day for inland areas. 70s and 80s by the water. 90s through the interior. warm air aloft. it's already 78 degrees as you get up around 1500 and 2,000 feet. that needs to get budged out of here. that will happen as we head through the weekend. today a little cooler coast. a little cooler in the city. and cooler for all as we go into the weekend. and next week upper 70s for highs. >> okay. >> i'm going to throw a parade. geesh. >> that is pleasant. >> that is pleasant. >> thank you. time is 6:52. apples new iphones are already on sale in china. the problem they may not be the real thing.
6:53 am
coming up in 20 minutes what investigators are looking for as they look for fakes. >> and if you're heading to disney land in the near future, you want to listen up. the park has announced it's closing some attractions for a land far, far away. what you need to know if you have future plans to visit when mornings on 2 continues. female announcer: through sunday, get sleep train's
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[ music ] ♪ why do fools fall in love [ laughter ] >> i don't think you have the right moves to that song. >> no, i don't. this is more of my dad's generation. why do fools fall in love? our theme is fall songs. the song has to have fall in the title. or you can have fall as the artist. thank you mike mills for requesting this. sal's traffic jams. send us your request to facebook, twitter, instagram. i though dave knows this song. >> oh yeah. i know i have heard from a few of you because you know i love disney land. if you are heading there in the near future, the park has
6:57 am
announced it's closing some attractions during construction of its new star wars land. disney has announced the disney land railroad, phantasmic, and everything along the rivers will be closed for construction. on january 10th the barbecue will permanently shut down. work will take about a year. no word on how long the attractions will be closed or when they will return. baseball's battle of the bay comes back to oakland tonight. the oakland a's and the giants they will kick off a three game series at the coliseum. tonight's game starting at 7:00 p.m.. and then saturday and sunday you have both day games. traffic will be pretty heavy as you can imagine getting in and out of the coliseum. now saturday's game expected to have the biggest crowds. that is because barry zito will face off against his old teammate tim hudson. zito and hudson were part of the a's big three along with mark molder from the year 2000
6:58 am
to 2004. this will be zito's first start since 2013 when he ended seven years with the giants. we checked stub hub this morning. the cheapest ticket right now $58 for standing room only. there will also be a special guest on saturday of the game. the oakland a's warriors star clay thompson will be there throwing out the first pitch. all right coming up next at 7:00, another police shooting in san jose. this one happened at a mobile home park. up next the call that officers were responding to when they opened fire. >> plus more on our breaking news. house speaker john boehner is stepping down at the end of next month. what we just found out about the future of his political career. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch?
6:59 am
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yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.


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